Emitters washing out materials

Is there away to light a scene with emitters but not wash out the materials too much but still brighten the scene. I am using Filmic but still washing out materials. I read something about using light path node but it was not explained clear enough for me to understand.

Any help would be great


First help would be if you actually showed what your scene looks like and what is washed out.

With light path node you can selectively choose nodetrees for each component (diffuse, glossy etc… it’s better explained on the manual). It is an essential node for advanced shading.
In your case you could choose to set a mix shader driven by “Is” diffuse where the emitter connected in the first input is weak and appears pleasing to your eyes, while the second emitter should be strong enough to light up your scene

Hi Thank you,

Yes, I will post some images.

So, this node tree set up is for the emission shader only? These are carpet and ceramic tile materials so the carpet and tile textures are getting washed out. Are the carpet and tile materials involved in the node set up or only two emission shaders with different settings and the light path node?