Emotional Flowers GI

Here is a render of a flower scene I am working on that uses a fake GI. This almost killed my computer! These are just some strange flowers I created that have emotion IMHO. I know the lighting is a little dark but I wanted to put emphasis on the mood. This was a very quick modeling and texturing job but the lighting took a while. Therefore I consider this a finished project:

Cool picture, I like it very much the scene’s “feeling”.

Plus, I like Kurt Vonnegut too ! :slight_smile:



Very nice work. I really like the affect you got on this image.

Which fake GI method did you use?


like it,too. The lighting is pretty cool!

Cool, leave light like this, very moody. Maybe some more detail for the soil?


malefico: Thanks. Kurt Vonnegut has many good books. I like Galapagos or Breakfast of Champions.

BgDM: Your complement means a lot - I like most of your work. I set a spotlight to track an empty and then duplicated about 35 more in varying rings of elevation and intensity. I made a link between the lamp datablocks of the various elevations so that I would only have to change like 4 of them. Then as the spots got higher they also got brighter. I find I have a lot more control over the lighting this way that the “dupliverts” way. I didn’t read this method anywhere but it just seemed better than the others - same basic technique.

kaktuswasse: Thanks!

I might have a tutorial on something like this on my website if the dns ever f***ing propogates! Right now I have to use the IP address to access it! Its been 4 weeks. Anyway, anyone interested should stop by my site. I’ll have it up there soon.

Hey shibbydude. Thanks for the compliment.

I have actually used that method as well. It does work fairly well. However, I have found that just placing lamps in diffferent areas and using shadow only spots comes out just about the same. Saves doing all the tracking work to the empty.


Yes, but when you want the simulation of 360 degrees of lighting then tracking to an empty is the easiest thing to do. Plus all the copies of the spot you make automatically track to the empty also.

4 weeks?! that’s unnacceptable for propogation. mine lasted about 72 hours… Though I’ waiting for propogation again at this point, which stinks.

Yeah, I’ve waited long enough. But I’ll still wait longer :).

Here’s an update. I went for a “dirty” look. I really like the particle fog and the neutral colored lighting really helps. FYI the lights in the other scene are purple, not white - it gives more depth.