Emotional Irony 101

After a couple weeks of hit-and-miss projects(and a few still under wraps), Ive finally judged this one to be completed.

Emotional Irony 101

Its originally inspired by one of F. Gutherz lighting tests, but it evolved pretty far from that beginning.
As usual, working on the lighting, but also venturing into the low poly world, finding materials and light that makes simple meshes look good. I wrestled with the decision to use ambient occlusion, and eventually decided to(though Im working on some animation without,a nd it looks almost just as good), as it really added to the image.

In the end, the interpretation of this image is fairly open, though I did my best to give some good visual cues to my interpretation. A perspective perhaps, of some voyerous camera, intruding on this bot’s irreverant happiness.

Egh, sorry, just ranting now :smiley: Peace peeps,

lol its cuby’s cousin!
sweet image

Yes!! I love it! There’s just something great I can’t explain about that little pipe going down the wall. The to quote the animal, “oozing with atmosphere”. Great lighting.
The border is just a liiiiiitle iffy…
I’m going to ponder this one for a while before rating it.
(Btw, I wondered where you went… have been looking forward to seeing more art from you.)

love the lighting! simple scene but oh so nice.
i dont like the low fi couleurs in the corner though…
cool style dude, lets see the other ones!

Nice stuff free_ality! The lighting is excellent, however I feel that the top of the character’s head is too bright from the light source. Great texturing as well.

Hehe, yeah, it is. It didn’t even occur to me that that character looked a bit like Cuby until I read your comment Jeepster. How odd.

Keep it up man!

Ummm … good work, but it’s at about z+4 of my head and moving that way >.

Nice work and a good atmosphere! But I don’t see the irony in it…

Yeah not too keen on that border, but the rest is great. I especially like the lighting. The colours go well together, and the textures are very well done!
I give you 4 Stars. Would be higher but the character is too simple. It is a cube man. It fits, but it’s too simple.

On second thought, the border actually gives a nice sense of looking into the room from a hidden place. A good effect, but I think there’s just a bit too much of the border.

eee… I didn’t see the bot at first, he’s too abstract maybe.
I like the scene, border is a bit too much as said by others, slim it down and it should work fine.

On the subject of AO, I find it works well to use subtle AO to bake textures for your environment and characters and then use more simple lighting when rendering the animation. You almost can’t tell that AO isn’t being used for the main animation.

This image has inspired me to go and clean my apartment, as my room is looking a bit too much like that featured above. :slight_smile:

i love the idea of using simple geometry to create scenes! :smiley:
i think the closet looking thing in the upper right corner needs to be “seen more”? good work!

Very nice, I love the image, nice use of low polys :), and the lighting is great.
The only thing is that there is some serious compression going on by the bed’s shadow(or is that intentional :confused:) and some AA issues on top of the orange cube.
Nice job 4 *'s.

I love the color scheme and the details in the room. I’m not crazy about the title, but perhaps I’m just not seeing something in the picture that I’m supposed to.

First off, thanks everybody for the comments.

@Jeeps: ha, actually, didnt notice till you said that, but you’re right! :slight_smile:

@blenditall: Thanks so much man. I have been laying low lately, helping re-arrange my house so we can out it on the market(moving to LA in january).
The border is fairly intrusive on the scene, but that was purposeful. Sort of to increase the feeling of the dirtiness closing in on him, or that he’s barely keeping it at bay(but still manages a smile).
As for the lighting, it took a while to nail, but Im really happy with it. Its one of the first lighting rigs that Im really happy with(as it retains a pretty good look without AO)

@StompinTom: thanks so much! Perhaps it doesnt look great, but I lo-fi’ed the image slightly to make for a light digital-video effect(hence the camera reference in my first post)

@Cuby: Thanks! Again, very proud of this lighting setup. The top may be a bit bright, but thats probably because I did a bit of exposure editing to the image(to dirty up the ‘quality’)
As for the textures: I love open texture resources :slight_smile:

@Star Weaver: Ha, Ive been there man, Ive been there…

@musk: hmm, perhaps Irony isnt the right word? It refers to the bot’s strange happiness despite his obviously awful, situation.

@redbyte: Thanks! I guess the border may be too much, but I enjoy the effect(and when I make it mywallpaper on my PC, it melds perfectly with the black background…).
Your 4 *s are much appreciated!

@Smoking_mirror: Ha, The room was inspired by my best friends pad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And I suppose the bot is pretty simple, i dont know if hes actually abstract per se…
As for the baking of AO, I just have a problem with the fact that you wont get the actual interaction with scene elements(since its baked of course), which can make the lighting look kinda fake and not quite right.
But Im all up for trying :slight_smile:

@garuhhh: Closet, cupboard, what ever :slight_smile: I did have it lit more, but I felt like it messed with the focal point.

@otto riis: Oh, there certainly is! But yeah, purposeful, a crappy quality video effect. Thanks for the praise, man.

@djotaku: Thanks! Title: Reference to the bot’s happiness despite negative environment, and the fact that he just looks a bit out of place.

Thanks for all the great critiques and comments! You guys help so much.


oh cool! i had lost track of françois, i guess he changed his web domain. and now i find i was not the only person inspired by his work.

crits? hard to say, as you are clearly going for a degraded stylized look, which you have achieved. but perhaps the image is a bit too grainy? it looks like bad artifacts, rather than texture. and the colour shift muddies the image somewhat. i would prefer less of the green tone, and try to emphasize the warm tones, red, umber and yellows. but i know how difficult that is to control, so i would say that is less of a criticism, and more of an observation.

good job. do more!

jim ww

Yeah, it took me a while to find him on cgsociety, but he’s still there! A really great artist, such an amazing lighter.

Anyway, I guess it may be a bit too dirty. I’ll try to clean it up a bit, and I can easily bring out those reds(the original was more red, I turned up the green to add a slightly sickly effect)

Thanks for the comment!

yeah, i thought it might be something like that. but mixing green into your palette creates more of a dynamic colour scheme. you might consider washing the colours out with more light, or limiting the colour variation, to make the scene more monochromatic? ( or you could just be happy with the way it is. it is in the finished art forum, after all! )

I tried washed out, selective and otherwise(that was actually my first inclination for the image), but it didnt have much emotion, and not in a good way.

So I think I’ll keep it :slight_smile: Again, thanks so much for the feedback.

A thick seeping atmosphere, very oppressive, everything about the image is claustraphobic and despressing yet the guy seems quite happy. You should have put a giant bong next to him, it would explain everything.

Edit, i love it btw.

Ha, I knew I was forgetting something…

Thanks man.