Emotions : Deep Dark

its been a while since i added to this series well anyeway here is the next in the Emotions series, Deep Dark

model made in makehuman, rendered, composited in blender, no post pro

-EDIT- gave him hair using the particle rewrite


incase you wan to know here is the Composite node setup


This looks very cool! Nice one… Maybe a background with some details would be ok but anyway it’s a great render

awsome stuff there mfoxdogg!!!

The node setup is interesting but I think you can do a little more with this, it seems like its missing something…

Update, check the first post, i gave him hair

Good one, looks like its photoshopped. (in a good way)
Great node set up & the MH pose is really good.
It portrays the title very well.

Pose is kewl, and its much better with hair. Still i found it very blur. Good stuff mfoxdogg.

I really like this, but it could do without the blur. Fantastic work.

I don’t want to sound negative, but I don’t find this as great as others seem to…
The pose is good but the composition seems unbalanced. And it’s very blurry… try sharpening it.
I tend not to take makehuman models seriously… too bad you didn’t model it yourself. You should try.

Nice I wish I was that good.

thx all for your comments

firstly, when i unblur it i get horible anti-aliasing
secondly, I feel the blur adds to it character
thirdly, i used makehuman because i don’t see why no one likes then and that if i modeled it myself it would have taken me weeks instead of hours

thx again for your comments

well,for me there is no emotion in that picture,absolutely nothing,zip,nada…
maybe if you would model it yourself you would learn how to model something to be really proud off and add some emotion to it (as long as you feel that way)…

p.s. maybe it’s because I feel gothic and I hate hearing about emos:RocknRoll:

I think adding a 2-D element would help this picture quite a bit. Other than that, I really like the mood of this piece.

lose the blur, comb the hair.