does anyone know how to place armatures to produce emotions?

this question is too general. emotions can be transmited by the face but also by the body.
i assume you are talking about face. and i assume the question is: how can i rig a face to produce the more realistique mimic.
then i’m gonna show you a little video uncle Greg Smith did:

use RVK

how about a PDF? the flash files just take to long to download with a 28Kb connection

yeah i was wondering about RVK can someone tell me how to use it. and please none of those “search the forum” answers i already have. :<


armature or rvk ? how about both ? and if you check over at www.blender.org
in the forums under Testing Builds section…you will be able to find a build that has the rvk update by jesterKing with 63 keys.

extra keys = extra fun !