Hey guy, I want to ask how I can add facial expression to my human character,I mean a human character must change the expression in matter of seconds,since I m a totally newbie ,I m not able to even imagine the steps to do them.after researching I found about the shape key,but to change the expression with it may take whole lot time cause.so I was wondering are there any other ways to get good facial expression or are there any tools for making a human character facial expression change in matter of few seconds. Please advise.and thank you in advance.

Yo, yes you can use shapekeys, or you can use bones like for the rest of the character, or you can use a combination of both. Shapekeys are problably the faster way of creating expressions (since you can deform and sculpt the model any way you like to create them - on the other hand, creating a bone-based facial rig is more involved but more flexible).