Empire city rpg {name pending}

Game progress
Modeling wepons - 10%
Modeling city - 60%
Modeling charecters - 0%
Modeling landscape - 75%
Storyboard - 100%
Missions - 15%
Voice Acting - 0%
Menu - 100%
Money System - 100%
Combat System - 76%
Mission System - 25%
Movement System - 100%
Inventory System - 50%
Player editing System - 0%

As you can see I am very far from a demo I just wished to share that I was doing this project as of now I don’t want a team but maybe farther on I will ask for help.

Story Board

Its not to far into the future and the world is coming to the end. You are a character that was rescued from the frying overland and brought to one of the 12 under sea colonies. You are in a colonie named empire city. Its bean 3 years that you have bean in a coma and you are awakening to a strange new world for all you have are parts of your memories from the past… no family no positions. All you have are the hospital chloths that you left with. Soon after wandering the city. (a min or two) you meat a man named jimmy who says he can help you. He tells you that you can stay with him for awhile… and so your journey begins. Of coure I have more mapped out but I don’t want to give and spoilers.


Three career (story) paths to choose from. Underground fighting Mafia Gangsters Cops

Hopfully a 4 player free roam multi player (not to big but still difficult)

Customizable character

Custamizable online and ingame name

Leader boards

If you have any other ideas or ways to make my game proposal better please comment them I am going to add a comment to this for future updates.
P.S Screens will hopefully be up soon

]Ocean region of empire city - 75% done
empire city ocean region consept.blend (286 KB)

Cave region of empire city - 50% done
empire city cave region.blend (318 KB)

Money System - 100%
Money.blend (152 KB)

sounds good want to show us some wip shots of the weapons or the scenery?

I’m a little worried when I look at your “Game Progress” list. I see none of the basic game systems in the list other than a coin counter. Voice Acting makes the list but where is the Combat System, Mission System, Movement System, Inventory System, Player Building System, etc…

I wish you good luck, RPGs are a massive task to accomplish.

The idea is really good and thought out, but it says that it’s “the end of the world”, so you go under water? I don’t really get that, but ok. I can’t wait to see some screenies!

When you talk about being in a coma for 3 years… you’d be not right, after being in a coma for any length of time it’s like being through a hardcore stroke, you’re never the same; mentally or physically.

Sounds ok, though, not a very original idea, another post-apocalyptic game =/

Hope you continue working on it =)

Fabled Face: I think he meant it like the 2012 trailer. Major flooding of the entire planet.

On the whole I think the story is a little done before. Sounds like a mesh of Bioshock, 2012, and amnesiac protagonist beginning. But then again, there are many game stories are a mishmash of derivative ideas and some of them are pretty fun to play.

It sounds like a massive undertaking! But I think it’d be good if you expand more on the game play itself. Like, ask yourself why is your RPG different. Is it first-person? Top-Down? Does it have a unique combat system? How is the look of the colony like - clean, steampunk, organic? Like thudworks mentioned, you need to flesh out the game itself more. How is it going to play?

Hey it sounds cool can’t wait for screenshots

guys i know you think its post apotolictic but it might not actually be wink wink

ocean region and money system are now updated in the second post

hey guys i just updated the cave region concept in second post; please comment on them. Add ideas and/or crits.
thanks in advanced - blendinguser

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