Empire State Building

Thanks for the encouragement, Joni!

Today I finally finished texturing in all the windows on the main part of the building, and now I’m starting to add some features to the bottom section.

It will eventually look something like this:

Here is an antenna tower I’m working on for the top of the building:


Very nice and neat progress! It’s looking amazing! Can’t wait for the final render and the shoot with the ape and some planes flying around :wink: happy blender!

I haven’t learned how to make my own textures yet, and I haven’t been able to find anything online that I can use for the lower windows, so I have to stick to working on little details for now.

I also need to work on my lighting and rendering skills. As you can see, my images are not the best quality. :no: But I’m learning!

I’ll try modelling a plane or two. I might need help with the ape, though.

Well I’m pretty new to this I can help and will do my best if you accept my help, also it’s the first time I’ll be doing an organic shape but I can do it, if you’re up for it I’m in! Also the texturing part is also hard for me, but I’m sure you will overcome it!

I’d be happy to lend a hand here as well. Let me know if you also need a Fay Wray.

If you both want to help then please do!

Here’s a plane I just started working on…

Loving the plane! I’ll start on the ape form now!

Okay Deadway… Let me know how it goes.

This is a test animation I threw together last night:

Let me know how that is going and pass on the scale you are using so I can adjust my Fay Wray if necessary.

Hi guys! Well I’m going to post a thread when I arrive home from work, and will let you know, as for the scale is 1, not to much of a pro to change it around

What I mean is the units scale. Blender physics uses a 1BU = 1m scale, but I have seen many models built on a scale much larger, even though the subject doesn’t warrant it. For example, my figures use the physics standard, but I recently worked on an object that should be only half the height of a human but is modeled to be about 10m high. It’s not all that difficult to re-scale most models, but it’s better to all begin at the same scale if possible.

Yes I try and do the normal scale (for humans 1.8m) and with the ape I took the liberty of doing a gorilla (1.70m) I’ll post the first pic once it starts looking better, for now I have it in the first detailing phase, and i would have to arrange some topo to get the best result with the multi res modifier

I scaled my building so that a human is about 0.1 BU tall.

This is another test animation. It runs a little fast. I changed the lighting to add shadows and gave the windows some nirroring. You can see that the ornamentation at the top of the window columns is too detailed for LOD 3 and flickers badly. I think I’m about ready to start LOD 4 detailing of the observation decks.

Love that you keep it so simple. Do more with less is somthing I strive for, but it´s not as easy as one would think :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s about 1/18th the size needed to match the standard physics scale. At that scale any physics needed (Cloth, Hair, Soft Body, etc.) would be wonky I think.

I can scale it up.
it was just easier working at that scale early on. We’re talking about a 100 story building here!

OK, as long as scaling it isn’t complicated. It can be with rigs & all the stuff glued to them LOL.