Empire Yoda

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I just started to use Blender for the first time yesterday. As a test I tried to Sculpt Yoda from Star Wars. So far I have spent about 3 hours sculpting while learning. I started with a sphere and extruded out a neck. I used dyntopo sculpting to add the extra detail. So far I’m enjoying using Blender since the new left click and user interface changes in 2.8.


Looks pretty good. The cheeks and jaw area are tricky. The neck area can be hard to get good reference for. might have to give him a hoody. :slight_smile:

What is this abomination ?

Using a sphere instead of a box ?

Heresy I say !!! Heresy

Guys and gals bring out the torches and the pitchforks this shall not stand !


Welcome to the Blender cult, love your model and your modeling skills, keep rocking :wink:


very cool sculpt so far, I presume you have experience from sculpting in other programs? or are some people just naturally this talented?

Thanks paperTurtle. Yes the chin and jaw area can be an awkward area to get right. I have a few good reference photos of the original puppet and of the Madame Tussauds clay sculpture which is helping.
No hoodies on this one. I want to try and get him to look like he did in The Empire Strikes Back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Kilon! Well it was a cube subdivided into a sphere and the sphere manipulated. I hope that counts! :slightly_smiling_face:

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RoseRedTiger thank you! I have used Lightwave and Zbrush for a few years. I still love Zbrush but I am thinking of jumping ship from Lightwave to Blender. Everyone has talent. Just time, practice and learning from mistakes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A small update. About another hour and half sculpting. Changed the head shape quite a bit and made the eyes slightly smaller. I still haven’t really sculpted the back of the head yet.

I’m really liking how quick you can change from Sculpt lighting to rendered lighting. It helps when comparing the Sculpt to a photo.


A front view angle. Keeping everything symmetrical until the final head shape is complete.


This is awesome, dude!

Thanks ElDirector! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anything Star Wars gets my vote. Especially Empire :+1:t2:

Definitely the original trilogy will always get my vote! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another face shape change. Lots of tweaking face feature positions and size issues. Some of the Yodas in exhibition events are not film used. Small differences that make it look different to what’s in the final film.

Spent more time adjusting the features and had a look at shader nodes.

Still not happy with the face so I started working on roughing in the hands. I have created a very temporary body form to see the overal look. Zombie Yoda at the moment.


I’ll be watching this thread with great interest :wink:

A little more work on the head. It still needs some adjustments and then once the head shape is correct I will make him asymmetrical. I’m still learning the basics of sculpting in Blender. I’m trying to keep everything Blender and not add Zbrush to the flow.

Another small update. Still working on head shape. Temporary body stand in.


I very much the new improvements really like