Empties Moving when Game Engine Starts

This is actually something that I have no idea at all what it’s causing it. It seems that I can’t even control it either.

Here’s my setup:
An empty parented to an object. The parent object has a script, that doesn’t involve the movement of the empty.

That’s all.

Now you’re asking… What could be wrong with that setup? It’s so simple, and it basically doesn’t do anything.

I go into the game engine, the empty is in it’s proper position. The place where I specifically put it. The problem occurs when I rotate my parent object. The rotation works fine in the 3D view, both the object and the parented object rotate but when I go into the game engine to test out the game now, the empty moves. It moves noticeably, too. To test it, I got a cube and parented to the empty. The cube moved, so the empty moved.

Why did it do this? I don’t know.

My setup is so simple that I don’t understand why it’s happening. When I parent the empty to the original orientation of the parent object, it works fine and the empty doesn’t move, when I rotate the parent object, the empty moves for some reason. If a unparent the empty, rotate both objects manually, then parent them together again, it works. The empty doesn’t move…

This tells me that it’s a parenting problem or the parent object has a problem? I not even sure of that, because the why does it move in the game engine and not the 3D view?

What’s wrong?

Maybe post that Cube parented to the empty blend file? So we can take a looksie.

I actually did not know this, but the scale of an object can affect the child object… I applied the scale to the parent and it suddenly worked… Why? I still need this to be explained to me so if it comes up in later issues I can understand…

Edit: This actually incredibly weird. So I rotate the object, and then the empty messes up. I apply the scale to the object and then the empty stays in place… Please, if this is not a bug, can someone explain?

@Molino: I have a .blend where the problem occurs, I don’t really want to release it. If more people actually need it, I’ll isolate the object in it and post it.
Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

I think i had experienced similar situation mentioned here.

Bump, sorry, I really need to know whether this is a bug, or if there’s an explanation for it :confused: