Empties to move characters

Hail everybody!
This is my first post on this forum and as I am a beginner in the use of blender, it will be an help asking one…
I think my problem is quite simple: I have the coordinates of the wrist and soulder of a character and I want to make its arms move to put the wrists to another coordonates. In fact, I have in real time the coordonates of the wrists that my character should follow (given by filming an actor with a web cam), and I would like the arms of my character to move like those of the actor.

In order to do this, I’ve put an armature on the arms of my character and empties on his writs with parental links.

Do you think it is possible to write a python script that would be able to get the coordinates of the wrists from another soft and make the arms move to the wishes location in setting new coordonates to the empties?

To get the coordonates woulb probably won’t be too difficult in establishing a communication by sockets, but how can I move the arms?

if you can get the motion captured data in a BVH file, there’s a script that imports that data so it can be used with an Armature.


Ok Thanks!
But… where can I find this script…?



Many thanks!
I’ll watch this one!

interesting topic.
some days ago I was thinking if it where possible to buuy a bunchh of webcams and atach them in the corners of my room.
after that I wanted to use them for motion capturing purposes.
But I recon that a lot of math is involved too check wether the samme collored regions captured by the diferent camms belong to the same object…
Arkis, hoow did you get your motioncaptuure data?

In doing a lot of maths… :stuck_out_tongue:
In fact, I still don’t have the motioncapture data, but the work’s in progress…