empty at mouse position

is there a script that sets the empty at mouse position

Every time you click , or on the first frame , or is the empty folowing the mouse ? what do you need?

I’ve been working on setting a cube at the mouse position on a left click (for use with a point/click control) -where the mouse hits a ground plane, so you need a ground plane for it to work. It should work with an empty instead of a mesh.

The following script should work

import GameLogic
import Rasterizer

# init stuff, show mouse
if not hasattr(GameLogic, 'init'):
    GameLogic.init = 1
# load controllers, get sensors, actuators, scene
g = GameLogic
s = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()
py = g.getCurrentController()
always,move,lmb,= py.sensors

# load objects
objList = s.getObjectList()

# choose cursor 
cursor = objList["OBcursor"]
# find cursor
if move.positive:
    pos = move.getHitPosition()
    # with lmb click, place cursor    
    if lmb.positive:

In the case of this script, OBcursor is my cube called cursor, so you’d have to name your empty ‘cursor’. Setup an always, mouse - move over & mouse - left click sensors linked to a python controller with this script on the ground plane.

Check out the thread for more details (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1474873#post1474873) - hope this helps.

thanks all