Empty butterfly

Hi all, this is my first render with Blender, hope you like it!

All done with blender and rendered with BI.

VEry good, I really liked the image, congratulations!

Oh my god!!

nice one , I like it

Incredible render, even more so if this is your first.

But why do you have a patch of concrete tiles blending into the floor?

Nice render. As we can see, BI is still useful and needed.

Very very Nice!!!
I love it.
You should try cycles though, to avoid this unnatural AO thing on the corner.
Nevermind, it’s a beautiful scene.

Edit: I almost forgot it. Welcome to the forum. The more artists we have here the better it will be.

I like it, plus it’s a black & white too! Surprised it’s BI, would have been good to see a compare with Cycles on this too :wink:

Wow! Thanks all for your great comments!! And sorry for my bad english too…

NinthJake: I don’t understand your question, sorry…

michalis & Jay-artist: I’ll try it with Cycles but first I’ve to learn it! :wink: And thanks for the welcome michalis!

nice, subtle touches here and there, nice image

Amazing that this is your first render :eek: and with Blender internal.
Great stuff!!

Thanks all!! :slight_smile: