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Hi all. Dont know if this is the right forum for this but here we go anyway.

Im using windows 7, 64 bit. Blender seems to run fine but when I try to load a background image my “My Pictures” folder are empty and no image files show up and the console says “empty directory”.

Thanks for any replies!

It could be the directory isn’t readable from blender, do any directories work? You can try unchecking the funnel icon at the top of the file browser to show the files unfiltered.

this under win 7? go up a folder and see if you can locate a ‘Pictures’ folder? maybe? :confused:

I cant find any funnel icon. Im using blender 2.49b. And most directories dont work. I can access the folders etz but it says 0 files. Some files show up though like the ones in the blender folder and a few others but no image files at all.

And yes im using windows 7, 64 bit. Heres a picture:

Mina bilder is Swedish for My pictures.

Sorry seems I cant post URLs yet. But basically I can access all folders but theres no files inside.

Ok Ive tried blender 2.5.2 also and unchecked the funnel icon but still no image files appear.

hmmh, can you post the link without the http://www. part, might ba able to copy paste it this way…

Ok here it is: htt p://img88.imageshack.us/img88/5315/namnlshh.jpg

It seems like blender 2.55 can find some files, well most but no image files like jpg, jpeg, psd etz.

if your in the documents folder and click the ‘P’ button to go up a folder, do you see a ‘pictures’ folder in there?
eg. in win7 my ‘My pictures’ folder address is really C:\Users\Username\Pictures

That was it! Thanks you Felix_Kutt for helping a lost newbe! If i could I would give you ++++ rep.

Glad to have been of help. :slight_smile:

Thanks …
I had a documents/mydocuments alias issue as well.