Empty Heart

(acasto) #1

This is one I made in a couple hours tonight. It combined both a little skill in blending with a little emotion. It does have it’s flaws but I think the overall composition turned out ok. This is my first time back in blendering in about 4 months, so I’m trying to get back in the hang of it. :wink:


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(S68) #2

Nice composition and texturing :slight_smile:


(paradox) #3

Nice picture, good compostion. Like the fact that instead of just a picture of a rose you created a mood too.


(acasto) #4

A Little Note on the modeling:

I figure I should tell how I did the rose, because I about racked my brain trying to figure out how to do it and stay sane. I tried meshes with noise shaped into peddles, I tried nurbs, etc… etc… etc… So I finally ended up using sub-surfs. The rose itself is just a cube (with sub-surfs on), then elongated a little. One end was then highlighted and subdivided once. The other end scaled down a little. Then I took the point from the subdivide in the middle on the end, and pulled it down through the other end. This cause the pedals to be formed at the corner points. From there I just duplicated, scaled down a bit to fit inside the first, roated about 90 degree to make the pedals fit differently against the first, then repeated this inwards to make smaller tighter sections. The individual pedals on the ground are just a sub-surf duplicatoin of one of the main rose body sectoins, then highlited mostly and deleted, leaving only a pedal.

Sometime even something as simple as a flower can be the biggest pain to deal with :wink:

(valarking) #5

cool rose! nice modeling.

(Haunted-House) #6

Very nice!
The only problem is the flowers stem looks awkward…

(mthoenes) #7

Thanks for the How-to notes… I really like the image. it has a lot a nice quiet feel about it. Good texturing. I really like the necklace.