Empty Room

This is only my second ime to post. I am having a hard time with getting the scratches in the glasses to reflect light. Any ideas?

Hi there. Good start! I’m not so clued up on scratches in glass, but if I may make a comment - try to make the glass look a little more dirty. The room (and the glass) is a bit too clean and it would go down well if there is a transparent texture on the glass, like a kind of moldy, greasy mark. you can do this by adding a second texture perhaps?

Light is entering the room from both window-directions, witch looks unrealistic. About the glass: try decreasing the col-value so that the scratches are less visible. Also make sure that the scratches texture only affects the col or alpha channel and not the spec or refl channel. Otherwise this is a real good start. Increase the floor-texture-resolution and give the wall a subtle texture. The window-spiles are REAL fat. Looks pretty unrealistic. Look at some reference photo’s to make it more believalble. The table looks real cool, though this one also has rather thick legs and tabletop.
Good start! Keep at it.

Floor texture destroys your whole project. Work on it. Quite nice overall however.

I’ve had a litte more time to work on it.
Upgraded window trim.
Worked on cracks.
Made the place a little more dirty.
Still working on it .
I would like to add cob webs when i figure it out.

the old floor texture was better in my oppion.