Empty scale transformations...

They don’t behave like other object scale transformations. When I need to quickly mirror part of a mesh, I duplicate that part and scale it -1 on whatever axis I’m mirroring. I’m trying to do the same with an empty, in object mode, such that the rotational value on the mirror axis is inverse what it is on the original side. But scaling an empty, or any object in object mode for that matter, doesn’t change it’s rotation at all. Is there any way to get an empty to invert its rotation using the scaling method I described?

Edit: The reason I’m trying to do this is I’m mapping a texture to the empty, so the rotation is obviously relevant.

Hi hedo,

dont know if that helps because dont know exactly what you try to do. but maybe this node setup might help.
That way you have a mirrored texture and can control it with your empty.