Empty Victory

We’ve all spend long days and late nights creating. All of these projects are supposed to be the one to rule them all; they’re your Monalisa! You finish the project, and it looks stunning (or at least to you), but then you post it; nothing… Not even a comment. Your project is left in the shop, unnoticed, unloved, unwanted.

That is the story behind my little robot. The work itself seems brilliant, but the truth is; the color is orange and white, so your masterpiece is as good as a traffic cone.


It’s always a shame when no-one comments on a project… but it doesn’t mean people don’t like it.

neee, people always look at a person’s work and form a comment in their mind, but those comments never reach the light of day because they dont have a purpose, without a proper question or a direction where the comment should go the helpfull tip or encouragement comment never leaves the workshot, just like the little drone.
its a drone not a robot to my eyes :slight_smile: