On the silver… what most people think of as silver is in fact just reflections of other things around it. Look into raytraced mirroring and environment mapping for that.

On the meat/fork… I don’t know what you’re going for texture-wise, so no comments there. I would say that the position of the meat on the fork is unnatural though – it would be relatively difficult to skewer a bit of meat with the third prong alone, so the meat is sitting out in a triangle like that. Think about realism everywhere, not just in the textures/modelling :wink:

All that said… not bad :slight_smile:

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the metal would look more realistic if it had a scene to reflect

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I see you start off the same way as I did :slight_smile:

One comment. Not only in animation, but also in stills, it is very important to have a story line / setting. Unless you know exactly what it is that you want to model, you will (like me) probably end up modelling everything except the very thing you set out to create in the first place!!!

So if I were you i’d get a setting (like the temple of doom is cool), then find a focus point in the setting (the fork is cool). then find an angle you want to take the picture at, and then fill in the background as needed.

Your fork will then reflect the background. But try to keep it as simple as possible. Great artists start by doing the basics well. So perhaps try to model the fork acurately before trying to build the whole temple of doom :wink:

But above all else - have fun!!! It’s a drag to be “working” all the time. But also have a goal in mind. Without a goal you will end up feeling like you’re not sure if you’re satisfied with the result.

Man - am I done preaching yet? :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Man it sounds like you’re ready to gore us to death!!! Good luck.