I cant seem to figure out how to make one of these. It says in the blender wiki

  • This creates an Empty Object.
  • Press ⇧ ShiftA.
  • Then Add object.
  • Note the 3 point icon
  • This “Object” creates an empty object called an “empty”

but there is nothing that says add object when I do that

An “Empty” is a type of object. Press Shift+A and then select “Empty” from the displayed menu.


Or you can just select menu Add > Empty at the top menu bar.

Now if you have cube in the start screen sitting there, you will see nothing. Because Empty object that you just added simply replace 3D axis at the middle. But if you look at the Outliner you will see Empty object listed. Try moving the cube first or move the 3D center away from the cube to see it more clearly.

Well guess nows a good a time as any

what situation will use an empty Object?

Ummmm, quite a few actually…Use your imagination!

empties can be used for forces, arrays around a point (like a flowers petals) and heaps more. you will find you will use them often.
I have about 8 in the pod racer i’m making to save modeling :smiley: