Emptys are not show up in 3D viewport, a bug /solved - local view/

Hi. I was working on this model and at some point, I have noticed that the empties in 3D viewport are not displayed. If I create a new one it is ok but the existing ones are not there. I checked what I knew but still can’t find the reason. The empty should be at the end of the relationship line in the centre of the ring.

It can be a bug or some crazy advanced thing I am not aware of.
I will be thankfull for any suggestions.

lattice2.blend (898.9 KB)

You are in local view, probably hit “/” or 'Numpad /" by accident. Local view is for focusing / temporary isolating selected objects, press it again to exit local view.

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You are my saver. Thank you. I wouldn’t event think about it because I had whole scene working, just those few empties. So obvious now when you said. Thank you.