Empty's Causing Blender to crash

While using Blender Publisher(with key) I try and add an empty for gaming purposes. But right after I add the empty blender crashes. I have no idea why. All im doing is opening a totaly new document, then adding an empty and it crashes. PLEASE HELP!

upgrade your video drivers

(and a search probably would have found something on this)

i got this at school, i’m guessing it was because of the 3d card(or lack of) or because it was winNT

yep. happened with all the machines at my work.
we have intel graphic chip… 815 or something like that.

updating drivers fixed that.
also, blender works better in true color mode than in high color.


Thanks for the replies…And I did do a search, but found nothing, guess I will try harder next time.

good idea to look at sticky threads too, that is why they are there

for example, titled “things to try to make blender work correctly” (or similar):