emulat numpad for non ascii keyboards.

I’m a french blender user. I’ve worked my way around blender for a couple of years. I never interrested myself to python scripting cause i was busy enough learning the basics of blender.:eyebrowlift2:

But for a long while now, since the 2.5series are released, i am experiencing a unconfortable problem. My numpad emulation is not working.
Why??? This i have just found out. I’m working on a laptop under fedora with a azerty keyboard!
Blender beeing develloped in Inglish only i am done!

So i found a wonderfull shortcut Ctrl Alt Q!
That was a real releaf! I could switch to a "perfect front view and not just the best approximation i could get with my mmb.

Then i found this script http://blenderclan.tuxfamily.org/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=27218&forum=2
Cool feature!

But i still don’t have what i want!!!
I want my emulat numpad back ;)!

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days… I’ve watched and read a few tutorials about python.

But i’m still not exactely shure how to write a script.
I would like to write a script that would let mee use my &é"’(-è_çà) keys and use them as the 1234567890 key’s on a qwerty keyboard.

I need to enable non ascii input’s
#-- coding: cp1252 --

then i should translate &é"’(-è_çà)= to 1234567890

from string import maketrans
create two variables
azerty = “”"&é"’(-è_çà)="""
qwerty = “”“1234567890"”"

conversion = maketrans(azerty,qwerty)

and then i have to go back to work and studie more python to find out a way to get that to work so that i can finaly use the emulat numpad to work!!!

That’s just as far as i can get for the moment!
Hopefully i will go further in the scripting world!

Does anybody have an idea if it’s only possible???
Most scripts don’t interfear with the keyboard…
Kepp it up!

try to go at the IRC channel and ask the question then come back to show us what you found !

good luck
happy 2.5