Emulate the quick-effects/explode effect?

I’m making a game that would benefit from having objects explode in the fashion of segmenting, and then shooting those segments off into all directions, such as how the quick-effects does it, or how you add an array of cubes and render a wind force in the middle that pushes the cubes out in all directions at a very high velocity.

I’ve seen a-lot of answers about explosion-based effects being made from a particle expanding and fading, but that is for a thermal explosion, this is more of a pressure-based explosion, in a non-realistic environment.

It is a game … it is never realistic ;).

if you want “wind” then apply forces into the same direction. If you want “explosion” apply forces away from the center.

That is what the described methods are doing. You expand a mesh. while it expands it collides with objects. Collision with objects create forces -> the desired effect.

As all the little objects would just slow processing time, you apply the forces to a few objects and “fake” the dust with animations.

Be aware … it is entertainment … it just needs to look like an explosion ;).

Use the addobject actuator to add a static actor mesh in the center of many dynamic meshes.

Yes, that’s a good one.

have two versions of your object;

  1. The original object, this is in game.
  2. A split version, this is made up of parts of the original, cut up.

had some logic on the original so that it will add the split version from a hidden layer, while deleting itself.
Have the split version add a short lived static object (invisible) in the middle of itself. The parts will fly outwards.

Hmmm… seems like a good subject for a tutorial, I’ll post one today.

A tutorial would be greatly appreciated.