Emulating 3DSMax Super-Spray

Hi All,

I have been playing around with the particle system and finally figured out how to emulate the 3DSMax supersrpay (to a degree). The great thing about the super spray is that it is all contained in one panel in 3DSMax and you can tweak parameters while the spray runs.

When I first took a look at the particle system in Blender, I wondered where all the controls were? I wanted to rotate my particle along the X-Axis, but there were no settings for controlling specific rotation angles in the Blender emitter.

I now realize that all the individual roation controls are in the object itself that you are using as the particle. After coming to that conclusion, I realized that the super spray could probably be built in Blender.

Here is how I did it.

Reset Blender

Create a cube, or any object and rename it to “ParticleSource”. Press ALT-G and ALT-O to center the particle source at the origin. Particle must be centered at the origin or they will be offset from the emitter when they are “sprayed”.

Create a plane and add a particle system to it. rename it to “ParticleEmitter”. Set the visualization to OBJECT and type in the name of the cube or object you created in the previous step.

Under the Physics TAB set the Normal to 10.0 and Random to 3.0.

Under the Particle system TAB set Random to 2.0.

Now for the fun stuff.

Select the ParticleSource and rewind to frame #1.
Press the N-KEY to bring up the numeric input in the 3D window.
Press the LinkScale button to turn it on.
Type 0 for scale and press the I-KEY to record a keyframe.
Move to frame #15 and Type in a scale of 1.0. Press I-KEY to record a keyframe.
Move to frame #30 and press the I-KEY to hold the scale at 1.0 for a few frames.
Move to frame #50 and type in 0.0 for scale. Press I-KEY to record the final scale keyframe.

Now the above numbers should be synchonized with life of the particles. If you particles have a life of 65, then the final scale 0 should be recorded at frame 65 instead of 50.

If you view the animation, you should see a basic superspray style animation with the particles starting out small, growing and remaining for a bit and then shrinking back down before they die.

I am attaching a BLEND file so you don’t have to type all that in. I also added rotation in the BLEND file.



ras_emulate_super_spray_1b.blend (372 KB)

very cool!

! I dl it to to check out later, the mat fx is still something i don’t know how to do to particles. Way cool dude.