Emulating AE's "NEWTON" in Blender? // physics & collision in Grease Pencil?

I just saw a cool mograph produced in AE/Newton, went to check the price, and Newton is 250 bucks.

Well, more power to them, but I can’t spend that sort of money. I was wondering if Grease Pencil supported any physics features, particularly collision and gravity, since the animation I was watching was essentially 2D, as if all the elements were constrained between 2 sheets of glass.


I’m not familiar with Newton or this addon, but based on your description I think this may work for what you need?

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Bueno. At first glance this looks right on the money. THANKS.

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I grabbed it by it doesn’t seem to have a standard install, 2.93. That is, I can’t get it to work. Just trying to install from the ZIP file results in the error below.

Looking for solutions. This would be good for many mograph applications.

…there’s a README.TXT in the zip file, but it’s EMPTY. grrrrrrr :triumph::triumph::triumph:

EDIT: I installed 2.81 and it seems to work well there, but sometime between then and 2.93 it stopped. A pity.

EDIT2: What are the likely issues that would stop an addon (looks python based) from working in 2.93 when it worked in 2.81? Cuz it seems like that ModuleNotFoundError is the key issue, and there’s a very similarly named chunk of code in the distro for this addon.