emulating alphanumeric keyboard?

I kindof lack the parallel processing needed to simultaneously hold down a key while pressing a mouse button to do a zoom, pan or rotate
in other 3d packages I’ve been able to navigate 3d space by changing between pan/rotate/zoom mode with a gui button - I can not for the life of me find something of its likeness in Blender (beta 2.53) I’m new, btw. hi!
I’ve noticed there is basic navigation on the numerical keyboard but nothing really beats the fluidity of a mouse - or tablet in my case… so I’m down to just left and right mouse button, and even the non-emulated MMB would only get me 1/3 of the tools.
uhm, oh yes… am I looking in the wrong places? or is Blender just not meant for the consols… I mean only for mouse and keyboard use? :confused:

Blender is designed with the expectation that users will have one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse or tablet.

One way to configure Blender to have buttons that switch from pan, zoom, and rotate would be to write a write a Python add on that makes three buttons. Those buttons would change the keymap temporarily when pressed. This is quite an advanced task though.

Are you totally against or unable to use both hands at once? If so, I understand, we all have our limitations for one reason or another. But for me, my workflow would slow down a lot if I had to push a button in the GUI everytime I wanted to switch modes.

I’m not really looking for gui buttons, it’s more of a way to explain the tool I’m looking for. It’s not that I’m totally incapable of pressing keys at the same time I use the tablet, but the timing doesn’t really flow with me… I have been accustomed to lefthand-righthand flow - one queuing up for the next task while the other is completing the first, like typing…or paddling… I’ve never before had to stop working just because I had to pick up the phone, only slow down a little.

I was hoping to get a little more comfortable with the software before I looked at Python, but if it is the way to get up to speed, I might just have to dig into it sooner… Blender is just that tempting in every other aspect.

I’ve managed to change some of the shortcuts to begin with keyboard and just using click (not pressed) to activate and mouse button to confirm, end. it is not perfect yet, but it’s much closer to my odd preference.