Emulating number pad on a macbook pro - am I going mad?

I couple of months ago I went from my desktop pc to doing a bit of blender on my macbook pro but was immediately frustrated by not having a number pad. However, on doing a bit of internet searching I found something that said you just just need to press one or a combination of the Fn key and either cmd, alt or ctrl and and then the 7,8,9,u,i,o,j,k,l and m keys would emulate a number pad - and sure enough it worked perfectly. I used it for a few sessions without any thought but then went back to my desktop after that. However, a month or so latter going back to my mabook pro I can’t remember the exact key combinations. Now this is where it get’s strange, I’ve just spent over 2 hours searching online again and all I can find is basically that it can’t be done unless you use something called KeyRemap4MacBook that doesn’t exist anymore (it’s now called Karabiner and can’t emulate the numpad). But the thing is is that I don’t think I’m going mad (I’m 49 and don’t think I’m loosing it just yet) and I was actually doing it a month ago without the aid of any software - I pressed the Fn key and maybe one other key and then, for example, the m key would act as 0 on a numpad to give me the camera view. I’ve actually managed to use karabiner to map my top row numbers to numpad numbers on pressing the Fn key while keeping them as layer change keys if pressed on their own so I’m OK but worried about my sanity now. So the question is does anyone know of a key combination that maps the 7,8,9,u,i,o,j,k,l and m keys to number pad keys just to assure me that I wasn’t dreaming that I was using them in such a way only about a month ago?

you got go to user preferences and make some good shortcuts foryourself