enable all Frames - default OFF in EXE's?

I ask this, because my IPO’s are much to slow in EXE’s. :frowning: I’ve noticed, that Games running smoother and faster whith this Feature enabled. But in EXE’s it’s off again.
I tried the Start-Option “fixedtime”, but with no Result. Isn’t it Nonsense to have two Speedmodes in Blender?
And now, do i need to reanimate (fix) my whole Stuff, or what can i do?
Thanx, Doc

do ipos playback speed depend on the framerate?

I was under the impression that it didn’t, they would play at the same speed regardless of framerate [unless all frames was turned on]

besides, why would you want to turn on fixedtime? this makes the speed of your game highly dependent on framerate

I thought the “fixedtime” Option for EXE’s does the same as the “enable all frames” Option for Blender, not?
You mean the EaF-Option ON, makes the IPO-Speed dependent to the Framerate, right? Now i’m a little confused. If EaF is OFF, and Frames will be dropped, why is it slower as with this Option ON?

uhh, as opposed to attempting to understand what you said, I’ll explain things as I see it

ipos should play at the same speed [with respect to time] regardless of framerate, except when fixedtime aka Enable all frames is on

it is peculiar that fixedtime has no effect on the standalone runtime, but I see it is a debugging feature [if, say, you get 150fps, to see how it runs at 50, or even if you get 5, to see how it runs at 50], and not as a must have feature for any part of the game engine

If my Machine can only get 5FpS, because it is an old, slow Jalopy. How can it be that i get 50FpS with EaF ON, although the Machine can’t get more on Hardwaresite?
In my Eyes, it looks like: Blender brakes down himself at Highend Machines. Damned, i hate it to waste Performance!

But i don’t want to anger You. I leaf EaF OFF and have no Problems. :wink:
Thanks for helping z3r0 d.

Enable all frames simply gets game time by adding 0.02 seconds to the previous time. (Otherwise, it gets time from the system clock.)

And there were some nasty bugs in blenderplayer command line parsing (fixed in either 2.34 or cvs)