enable/disable stereoscopic mode ingame?

Is there a way to enable/disable stereoscopic mode in-game? I am working on an interactive learning software for small kids, and we have min-games, one of them require 3d glasses. How can i comute 3d/ no 3d in game?

you could use the game actuator to start another game with the right mode, and after closing it, restart the main game,
I too would like to know if you can change those options, including resolution, and fullscreen mode…

OMG this was sooooo simple, it was right IN MY FACE! This solution is perfect.

:confused: Will you describe your solution by steps, I cant understand the solution?

As for Facundocouzo : You can change fullscreen and other settings under Game framing settings. go to ( Scene(F10), Format (Tab), Game Framing Settings.) search for the fullscreen botton and other interesting formats for your game.

Have fun and keep blendin.:cool:

I knew about Game framing settings, what I wanted was to be able to change screen size, stereo, fullscreen, etc. from python, after making a runtime.
I thought another way of doing it, blenderplayer can take many arguments (mipmaps, size, show debug, framerate, etc…), so I could make a little launcher, a simple GUI in gtk with a couple of checkboxes that opens blenderplayer with the desired parameters, if it works it, I will post it here!..