Enabled Brotli HTTPS compression (oops, disabled it again)

Update: I disabled this again. While it apparently did speed up the site for some people, it also broke most of the real-time interactive features (updating post lists, notifications etc). These are more important to a community than the speed bump. Cloudflare is aware of the issue and I’ll monitor its resolution.

I just enabled Cloudflare’s Brotli compression:

Cloudflare applies Brotli compression to help speed up page load times for your visitors. Cloudflare will select Brotli compression as the preferred content encoding method if multiple compression methods are supported by the client. If the client does not indicate that Brotli compression is supported, then gzip compression will be applied. What will Cloudflare compress?

This may result in some issues, but so far things seem to be ok. Please report any problems here.

cc @moderators

Also: can you tell a difference in loading/browsing speed?

  • Yes, the site is faster
  • No, the site has the same speed
  • No, the site has become slower

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I notice a speed improvement. Nice! :+1:

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