Enabling amibient pcclusion in BGE

I am wondering if we can enable ambient occlusion in blender game engine in real time. Is it possible? how?

it is possible as a screen space filter. You can find it by searching for “SSAO”

That link to the SSAO is dead. Any other hosting sites available?

SSAO_spiral_mist_2.6.blend (1.64 MB)
Remember, I didn’t create this. All the code was by @Arkano22 and @martinsh


How does this one work? Do I just include the script in my files?

I got this file yesterday searching online but don’t know how exactly I can use in my .blend file.

One is here

another is here

it looks cool in these files.

Question -
How to I save it from .blend file and use in another file? How exactly to use this in my own file ?

anyone can help on this pl?


You can append the filter, camera and other related objects except the geometry. If you want it implemented in the project we talked about I can do that.

I sent reply already last time and just re-forwarded you the sample test scene for the another topic we are discussing. check if u didn’t get reply last time.

Wat are you all talking about???