Enabling Live Unwrap feature....How?

Enabling Live Unwrap feature…How?
I am quite familiar with blender and would like to use the live unwrap feature in this video… download.blender.org/demo/movies/seamcut_blender242.mov

Could anyone list the steps taken to make the Live Unwrap work like in the video?
I have the screen split like the video, 3D view in one half, UV/Image screen in the other. In the UV/Image screen I have the Update Automatically, from the View menu enabled. As well as Live Unwrap Tansform, from the UV’s menu.
When I add a seam, using CTRL Right Click, to the mesh from the 3D view in UV mode, nothing updates in the the UV/Image screen. I have to manually use the E key and click OK.
I know I am missing something but cannot find what. Thanks for the help!

Come on, doesn’t anyone know how to do this? BUMP

LiveUnwrap is only ‘live’ on Pinned UV’s. I think the way you describe having to hit E after adding Seams is the way it works.


yes, you must pin the node that you are using. if you move an unpinned node, nothing happens.

There are nothing pinned within the video, as it moved with each seamcut. How was that done?

BUMP Does anyone know how to reproduce what is seen in the video? download.blender.org/demo/movies/seamcut_blender242.mov

I don’t think that feature ever made it to 2.43. You can contact Brecht who coded it to be sure though. That character in the mov (Snurgle) was done by EffStops and if you search for the WIP thread I’m pretty sure he used pins (though whoever did the mov, as you say, didn’t use pins, but I don’t know who did the mov).


Thanks for the info everyone. I was beginning to think I was crazy. Talked to EffStops, and he has the same issues. Guess it missed the last release.

There was something else in that video that looks really handy - maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to do it…
He would select an edge and then when he select another edge all the edges in between would be selected. What key do you press to do that?

Shift + Alt + RMB on the edges in UV face select mode.

Thanks Wolf. added to wiki.

So if this feature is in fact not possible in standard Blender release why it is promoted on official Blender webpage. And even more with respect to the release 2.42? I think that users are then confused or disappointed eventualy.

It is really stange …

Probably it would be better to delete the video from the webpage. The anticipations of potential users may be broken in that way.

the past blender releases had release notes which were very informative about the new features but for some reason, there is now a set of videos instead of the descriptive text that used to be.

Would it be possible to ad a blender wiki link to each video on the main blender site? This way, one could watch the video and then read more about a certain feature in the wiki pages … if interested.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

I have asked Bart who maintains official Blender webpages on this real time unwparing video in matter. If it is part of realease notes for 2.42 then this should be possible.

But mistery continues :-)))

Here is his answer:
sorry, but we don’t give Blender support. Please ask your questions
on the forums on BlenderArtists.org.



So if this feature is in fact not possible in standard Blender release why

“This feature” (LiveUnwrap) is available (and was available in 2.42) and works. The confusion arose when the Snurgle video was used to illustrate it which showed something that didn’t make it to the release before it got to the liveunwrap part. There have been calls to submit examples of new features for the release notes and if these are not submitted then the authors have to work with what they have. It may have been more prudent to ask specifically for footage showing only the liveunwrap, but hey, I’m not telling them how to do their job, I’m just grateful to them for doing it.


The secret has been revealed!

To enable a “live unwrapping” you set the “rt:” setting to 8.

You will find “rt:” in the scene buttons (F10)


Holy cow, that is one impressive feature - thanks for sharing!

I wonder what other magic is hidden under this unsuspicious button?
* cranking it way up high *


The other features are here:

I just thought I’d post here in case anyone doesn’t read the blendernation articles.


Yeaaah, thank you very much Mystery. Now it is working!!! In fact it was working all the time but nearly none knew how to activate it.

This makes me wonder: are not there hidden any other features somehow in fact; for example sss, ngons etc. :-))))

I have heard recently there is even hidden 3d max UI in Blender ;-)))

Wow, Thanks to all then. I really confused when i was trying to follow the video before. but all is clear now. many thanks to you guys. i am planning to make a tutorial about this then. that’s for my thank you.:wink: