Enabling Negative Frames

Hello Blender Artists,

I need to use negative frames in a curtain animation because I want the curtain to be done jumping around before the animation begins.

They appear to be greyed out like they are not able to be used.

How do I enable them?

Thanks in advance!

I believe for that you can just set your animation start time later. Under the F10 buttons (or hit the little button that looks like a tiny landscape picture), in the Anim tab, there is a Sta field, where you can set it to start on whatever frame you want, and right next to it, you can change the end time as well.


Thanks for your reply Wanderdragon,

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. I have played around with all of the buttons that you mentioned to no avail.

figured it out - you actually have to drag the points in the IPO editor to go into negative frames.