enabling phisycs in the viewport?

time ago i saw a video where it was possible to drop objects in the viewport and they had a relatively good physics: there is something available for today releases of blender?

there is something available for today releases of blender?
No. Currently only in the game engine

if i will make my set up with the game engine this could affect the blender render or Cycles? I mean the materials, the textures, something like that.

First of all, there are physics capabilities outside of the BGE - and they are good for things that do not require Rigid Body behavior (cloth, jello, fluid, smoke, etc.)

But for many things the BGE is best, and a cool feature is that you can go to the Game menu and enable Record Animation. This will snapshot all locations/rotations of the objects. At this point you can leverage the full power of the rest of the pipeline - including the excellent soft body sims I mentioned.


You can try: http://www.foreverblender.com/2012/01/news-bullet-integration-build.html

i’m just interested to drop some objects to save time without having to manually adjust the position of this objects in the 3D viewport.