encoding wav

Hi, I’m trying to output a video using the Blender video editor but cannot seem to find a wav option under audio codec encoding. Does that mean that I do not have a wav codec on my machine? I have Audacity loaded and have created a number of CDs in a wav format. This would suggest I have a codec somewhere doesn’t it?

The reason I ask is because according to the Internet - Opera does not support MP3 and Firefox just started supporting. They both however support WAV and of course Internet Explorer does not. I would like to get the broadest possible browser coverage within reason.

Is there a way to output a video with wav audio or am I just looking at this wrong?


The best way to handle cross browser compatibility for video is to simply post your video on Vimeo, YouTube or any other video hosting system. Then delivery to browsers becomes the responsibility of the hosting system and is not your fault if it does not play.

I use MPEG-Stream Clip for making Vimeo compatible MP4 files.

Thanks Atom, Youtube has been suggested to me but I am reluctant to make my efforts that public. I would like my efforts to be more secure, though I have not gotten around to how to secure them. One step at a time.

Another Ohioan, Enjoy.


That is why Vimeo is nice. You can set a password on any video so it can be a private video only. You also get stats so you can have a rough idea how many times the video has been played.

For youtube you also have unlisted or private settings for your videos.

Excellent guys, I’ll look into it.