Encounter - Complete Overhaul (bl33d)

Okay. This is rather unusual, but I wasnt quite impressed with the original “Encounter” so i decided to have another go. Revamped the mode and textures… Redesigned the background etc… So here it is …

ENCOUNTER - Complete Overhaul C&C most welcome.


Now that is what I call eye candy. Thanks for the treat! Very well done.

Wow. I like

You are welcome… Enjoy.

damn…this needs to be in the gallery. lovely atmosphere, i’m a sucker for outer space scenes :smiley:

The ship is improved and more detailed, but I liked the old planet best.
Cool picture!

excellent! I can’t do the same;
but perhaps more contrast between the ship and the earth?


Wow, thanks…

Tried that, but it was feeling like alienating the background from the foreground. Like it was sticker on the planet… or something.

Much better, I like the new planet better because the texture is higher quality.

First off, I love your picture, but I have some C+C for you =)

I like the feel of the planet, but perhaps you should give it a look of having some land? I see cool swirly clouds, but no land.

Also perhaps you should brighten up the planet up a bit and add a flare effect to the overall scene.

Really nice render, i love the details.

Two crits, the small shuttle looks out of place and needs some of its own highlights and specular bits.

Secondly the jpeg compression is quite severe, it very noticable for me and it spoils the quality of the image a little bit.

But i am sure everyone realizes that has nothing to do with Blender skills :slight_smile: (trying to helplesly defend his excuse his preference to small filesizes)

And thanks for the things… And yes the littleshutle might need its own lights… now that you mention it…

Over 350 views and only handfull of C&C…? I would like to hear tips and comments about the lighting of the ship itself (disregarding the background)…

i really like it, the textures are amazing!!!

the “earth” seams to have too much light shining on it in the background but i realise in reality it would probably look like this, so artistic license i suppose :slight_smile:

one thing…
the jpeg compression could be solved by hosting on imageshack and using IMG tags
…most people who want to showcase a big image do that to avoid the compression on this site to fit the filesize. preview images are fine though :slight_smile:

well done :slight_smile:

People seem to be assuming its earth. Well … i didnt think it as earth as i’made it. If i had it would clearly look like earth. :S Anyway… Lets try this ->


Stunning! Although the shuttle needs to be improved or removed. 5*

Well the only crits I have are that, well… the shuttle! (I know I know everybody mentions it :slight_smile: ) You might want to try highlighting it with lights coming out of the hangar bay… Now about the hangar bay - why not add some guidance things to it? Not necessarily red lights/something that just screams “LOOK AT ME”(considering that the ship as a whole is gorgeous - excelent blend of crude and sleek design(sleek plating mixed with exposed technical parts), kinda reminds me of the argon centaur from X3 reunion/TC for some reason btw)… I’m sure you’ll think of something :slight_smile:
Otherwise - for some reason the direction the ship is facing doesn’t look proper to me (I guess that’s just me though, thought of some reasons already)… The other thing - the halo effect(I guess it is) for the engines - you might want to drop the star design here because we don’t directly see the light source and the star effect should be visible without cut if otherwise :slight_smile:
Ah yeah another thing about the shuttle - is it just me or the cockpit is barely noticeable at all? I know it’s reflecting dark space but anyways :slight_smile:

Overall though, VERY impressive :slight_smile:

Forgot something - the… I guess some kind of text marking on the top front of the ship (the plating) - it doesn’t align with the direction of the plating and looks kinda weird… You might want to look into this :slight_smile:
Don’t know how many more edits I’m gonna do till this post is final :slight_smile:

Impressive pic. Good composition and lighting. Modelling of the main ship is great.

I agree with the above comment on the shuttle, it’s not really contributing anything to the picture at this point and could do with same improvements.

Texturing on the main ship is ok, but it looks low res, especially at the front of the ship and at the front of the left engine casing. Plus there’s not enough depth to the greebles/details and as a result they look painted on.

Great Ship design. composition is great too. Nicely done.

Thanks for all this positive and constructive C&C. Keep it rolling, I’ll be taking all things into concideration when i am back to modelling. As in what went wrong.