I’ve been working on this scene for a few weeks in my spare time between client work and I’ve made a lot of progress with it, but now I feel stuck trying to find improvement in it.
I’d love any direction about ways to work the composition more or insights about areas that need more attention.

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Hi, this is my first critique, I hope I hit the right tone :slight_smile: (and: I’m not a native english speaker)

I like the models and the setting. Clearly a magical mushrom forest. NIce work on the animal. I interprete it is a friendly but careful encounter, despite the sword. Probably because he helds the lamp in his right hand and has no shield.
I had problems reading the scene, recognising what is what and in general getting a 3d impression. Separating BG from FG, central form environment. I think, it is mainly due to

  • all glowing things have the same brightness and the same color.
  • including the lamp
  • the emmision shader itself: emitting surfaces themself do not transport depth information. Shadows and scattering surfaces do.
  • black human shilouette in front of a (partially) dark BG. not easily separatable.

So I would try to dim the lights of the vegetation to get more focus on the central figures. And play with a different color for the the lamp flame. Letting the small mushrooms actual illuminate their surrounding might be worth a try, Although after dimming them down that is probably neglegible.

The glowing Mushrooms in the FG in the bottom right corner distract. In contrast the left FG is super.

Give the figure more contrast, e.g. by moving it infront of a little bit brighter BG. And I first thought he was holding the curved something (tail?) in his hand and found the lamp much later. Some slight adjustments can clarify that.

For the “too much into detail” part of my entry :grin::
The triangular shaped surface at the upper right border screams “artifical” at me as it is clearly a procedural texture. I would just get rid of it.

And at last an idea just came to my mind: adding subtle fog, esp around the head of the figure, can give the impression of coldness/breath. And help with the BG-contrast ;-).

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Thank you so much! That is amazing feedback, and exactly what I needed! :star_struck:
I’ll take those notes and post an update as soon as I’ve made the changes!

Hi, I will add that character posture can be made a bit more dynamic( feets one in the front one in the back, rotated torso, one hand in air etc) and a rim light would enhance the silhouette. Overral you can also try some layered mist that can soften the crisp artificial look.

Those are some great suggestions! I will include those in my changes!

Here is an update about those notes…

I’m still experimenting with the suggestions and I’m loving the help guys! This is looking much better already!