Model of spider was made long time ago for some speed modeling contest. I’m trying to study materials in Cycles. Please feel free to critic.

The egg could use some texture imperfections I think.

Like this

Other then that, it’s far better then anything I could do! Great work!

I made it, but when I was trying to avoid stretches on uv i scale it to much :slight_smile: below update :slight_smile:

Great pic, I am just starting to study texturing with cycles, so I hope I can get to do this type of thing soon.

Thanks, and good luck with your study :wink:


Where did you get this cool idea?

ComputerWhiz: Thanks, I don’t know what I should say. Pick one:

  • In my room :wink:
  • My wicked mind create it :slight_smile:
  • I bought it on eBay :slight_smile:
  • I like eggs and robots :slight_smile:

little update: eyes are now rigged


Awesome idea, when I read the title I was like, it must be another shooter animation for the BG competition, but this is perfect! Suits it’s name well :smiley:

hgoel0974: I’m happy to hear that. It wasn’t planed for Blender Guru competition. I made it to refresh my portfolio and find new job. It’s suits contest theme so maybe I put it into contest.
I think it is finished.

It looks awesome man. I just love the feel of the robot. The modelling is so neat and texture has been done very well

Looks great… I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. Maybe I’d be curious to see the objects casting a bit harder of a shadow on the table surface, because I can’t tell if it would be distracting or not. Should be a great addition to any portfolio as is. Post more of your work if you have the time.

A real unique and strange idea, I like it a lot.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I posted it as finished