Encounters - Bl33d (scifi)

After 2 days of staying wake up, i’ve spent some time working on the ship and the planet i started two days ago… and i think i am done with it for now… here you go… have fun. ->


Hey that looks great! So is encounter going to be something else than just an image? You wrote ‘coming soon’… or is it that what you refer to with ‘just kidding’

“Coming soon… just kidding…” Or who knows… maybe i can get character animators and character modellers and voiceactors… maybe i’ll make the film from the story this image is based… but before that… its just kidding… :slight_smile:

Very clean, also I like the planet on background. :rolleyes:

Really nice work…
Can you post some wires and / or close-ups of the spaceship?

Keep up the good work…and who knows next time a short film of this :slight_smile:

I’ll see if i can make few alternative shots of the ship… It aint that good on closer inspection… no sir.

Here are the requested alternative shots…

While taking these i’ve forgotten to finalize 2 parts of the ship. The rear and part of the belly.

Also yes i am aware that the exhausts look like crap… I agree, but for the real thing i would do them differendly anyway… i think.


The planet looks decent

The ship looks like it’s been nicely detailed but the panel texture could use a bit of normal mapping and be sharper and more high-res.

You are right… I am so friggin lazy with textures and that tone i couldnt do with procedurals… X| … need to obviously improve my Texturing…

“Decent”? Boh!
I find the modeling good, lighting good, texturing fair to good.
OK, probably I’m not too expert too make criticism but I really think that sometimes there is style in simplicity (look also recent Cekuhnen Japanese bathroom scene).