Encrypt a EXE Blend file

Hey, is it possible to make a EXE blend file encrypted´so you cannot start it. only way to start it is by starting it from another Blend file.

Like the Logic Bricks, Sensor–And–Game

Or something similar

Best (only) solution would be to do this in Python:

  1. Before distributing your game, encrypt the blend file and save it.
  2. When played, decrypt the encrypted file, and hold the decrypted data in memory.
  3. Use LibLoad to load in the main scene from the second blend file. You’ll have to know the name of the scene in the secondary blend file, just so you know.

Also just so you know, the script that decrypts the game data could be used to get at the game file very easily; any approach with this would basically just be a cursory attempt at stopping unwanted access to your game data files.