end all : property of script?

im making a grappling hook, and i have a problem. when i hold down a button, a small cube (the hook) tracks and moves at to a target. when it touches, the bigger cube tracks to the hook. but i am stuck trying to figure out how end the action when both cubes get to the target. ive tried haveing an emty in front of the target, and when the big cube touches it, it is ended, and then added somewhere else, but that doesnt work. is there a script or something i can use with a touch sensor that will end all current actions, like the tracking and let the cube fall to the ground?

thanks for all and any help

EDIT- the title is supposed to be: property or script

Are you sure the touch sensor is working. Test that first. Problem with an empty is that it isn’t a physical object. For things like that, I use a small plane set to invisible.

well im using 2.42 bullet so im actually using a ray sensor, but that was just an example. but i figured out why that didnt work, if the second empty adds that object, then the first one will pick it up and end it, alas creating a never ending cycle if something i dont want to happen. so does anyone know of a script or something that will stop all the current actions? (actions not as in armature actions but just as in ending everything that has and effect on a given object in the GE)

Not really. I use tracking quite a bit. I stop it with a near sensor on the object that is tracking and a property on the target. I do script though. Not sure if it’s necessary. You might be at a point where it’s time to start scriting in python. Complex branching makes it necessary. You can either do a pretty simple game, or you can learn python. Those are pretty much the choices. Imagine what happens when you want even rudimentary AI.

ok. how can i use a property to stop it?

I don’t know your setup. Your really the only one that can answer that. You can use a property sensor to make a change. It just sounds like your getting beyond the type of problem that logic bricks will solve. Even if you find a way on this one, it’s going to continue to haunt you. You take an actuator out of the gameloop with addActiveActuator(act,0). You can also set the tracking object to nothing, I do that sometimes.

yes i know ,it’s creepy, it stares at my and giggles. but more to the point im not sure how i could use a property to effect what im trying to accomplish. ill post a blend so you can see. another possiblity that occured to me was an animation of the location of the two blocks triggered by the target.

EDIT the small block is the hook, the big block it the base or person.

What’s supposed to happen? The big block fall down to the ground plane. Am I supposed to do something?

i want both the blocks to fall to the ground after the big block touches the emty by the target

Well, the hook block isn’t a dynamic object so it doesn’t fall. When I made it dynamic it went crazy. I made the big block fall when it reached the target. It’s as much as I can handle of this kind of logic brick spaghetti. You just shouldn’t be doing something like that without knowing python.

ok, thanks, that was what i was afraid of