end caps cilinder

I have modelling a long cilinder now I have to close the end.
Forget to choose end caps in the beginning is it possible to do this afterwards.

Yes, pretty easy. Assuming your cylinder stands vertically along Z.
Select the edge loop.E(xtrude), Esc, S(cale) Shift-Z (not along Z), hit ZERO (or drag mouse), then remove duplicates (or set “automerge editing” before you start the whole thing).

(If your cylinder is not along one of the main axis, set the transform orientation to a proper direction first.)

Good luck,

Ok thanks it works

You can actually skip the shift-z step if pivot is set to the median point, and it doesn’t matter what the orientation of the cylinder is. Just do the extrusion and scale by 0.

Quickest steps. Alt+RMB to select the vert loop at the top or bottom of cylinder, press E to extrude, then Esc, Alt-M / Center to merge all the new extruded verts to the center. This way you have no scaling or removing doubles to worry about.

Thanks DichotomyMatt, that’s a great tip.