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A short animation i did for my bachelor’s thesis.


Modelling and Animation: Blender 2.61.
Compositing: After Effects.

Thanks to:

  • Models from blendswap.com: Audi by Ethan Luo | Tank by Greg Zaal | Airplane by hjmediastudios
  • Andrew Price (blenderguru.com)
  • Blender Community

This is a superb documentary. You made excellent and creative use of cinematography … managing the transitions between one scene and the next … throughout the entire piece. You employed this extremely well to produce visual story-telling. Even though I do not speak the German language, I found that I didn’t need to, and this speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the presentation. Use of depth-of-field cues such as mist and desaturation worked very well in technical shots like the long-shot of the approaching vehicle in an early scene. The overall pacing is excellent. Exposure and color-temperature are consistent from start to finish, and appropriate from shot to shot. Editing is thoughtfully done and consistent.

I definitely enjoyed the custom music track and felt that it, too, added to the presentation, as an integral part of it and not merely an add-on.

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Thanks a lot sundialsvc4 for your detailed and positive review. Creating and coordinating every single step in an animation is really fun (and also a ‘bit’ stressful :wink: ).
I learned a lot for my next projects.

…boy…nicely done…I echo master sundial…thanks

This was amazing. Every part of the animation fit together perfectly to create a strong message as well as being visually interesting and appealing. Very inspiring and great job.

Very good job! Even thou I couldn’t understand every word the message was clear.

What Sandile said.