End of post production?

Interesting article and clip:


We’ll need massive computers to get the same detail rendered realtime with the acting, but it’s a cool concept. The opening shot of Hugo (2011) took 171,015 hours of render time, so we’re still a ways away from doing away with post production for CGI.

And I know the article wasn’t really talking about this, but we’ll always need post-pro for audio, and most likely for color correction.

I think there will always be a need for post production from an artistic point of view. And some of these outputs are indeed art!

I imagine the interactive nature of this technique will convince a lot of producers they can do away with pre-production and just jump straight in to filming from their director’s creative imagination. Just think, no more storyboards or endless story conferences. We’d see an explosion of really really bad animation from studios looking to cash in on reduced production time.

You are absolutely right of course. Business meets creative considerations and as usual creative looses big time.

How on earth would they do away with pre-production? You need to design and build all the CG elements beforehand for this technique to work. Same with storyboarding, you still need to plan shots, unless you’re just planning to wing it (which would mean building a lot more CGI locations. And winging it rarely produces good results,
since you don’t know which angles you’re going to shoot.

Did 3D kill of 2D animated media?

Exactly, but I think this “mechanima on steroids” technique will encourage winging it. :frowning: I agree you need to build the CG assets for the first film, but the sequels? Oh God… the sequels… the mash-ups… the sets from X meets characters from Y productions… the possibilities for animated dreck is endless. ::shudder::