End Of The Gang

Hello everyone…

I’m happy to share with you my latest 3D artwork titled “The end of the gang”, to tell a small story about 60’s mafia gangster, the project was created from scratch no ready assets, characters base mesh from Make Human, the modeling sculpting, texturing lighting done with Blender 2.9 and rendered with the real time render engine EEVEE. I hope you like it, C&C are welcomed


That’s pretty cool. Only thing i would comment about is the brightness of the red tail lights, maybe a little less bright and add a little bloom/glare to them. They seam to have a hard edge to them… Being its obvoise you know what you want from the rest of your scene, a stylistic choice ? Anyway, looks great :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks a lot

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thanks for the feedback

Good job Zaki. Nice compositing and story telling.

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thanks mahmoud :blush: