End of the road

Hi Blender community, here is my latest work in Blender, but not only. Because this time I used an other software that I did use in the past and never reused again till now : Substance painter. It took me some hours to achieve. Hope you’ll take a glance.


I like this a lot, the colour-palette, lighting, texturing and image-composition. On thing which lets it down a bit imho is the lack of tire marks on the ground.
The soil seems by far too soft, muddy and swampy (shading-wise) not to have the van’s tires dug deeply into it (so the flat tire might not be te only reason for the vehicle being stuck in the first place).

greetings, Kologe

Thank you very much for your feedback Kologe. You’re right, but there aren’t tire marks because in my mind the vehicle has been stuck in this place for a long time (many days or weeks), so I didn’t think about adding it. Maybe I’m wrong and there should have been some. Thank you again.

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Interesting. This possibility on the other hand didn’t quite occur to me. The guy in the background seems to approach the vehicle, while the ‘relaxed’ way he seems to carry that flamethrower kind of makes it seem like he already knows there’s no hostile person inside.
Maybe I’ve just watched too many movies and that’s all just a clichée, but I’d imagine him rather sneaking there pointing the flamethrower at the vehicle, just in case.
Then again, maybe he had observed the van already for days beforehand, knowing it’s abandoned.

Maybe the idea of abandoned for weeks would be more easily conveyed if a door on the van was open and/or broken out, a window smashed in or sth., idk.
But these are just some random thoughts.

greetings, Kologe

Hi, I like your creation !!! :heart_eyes:
It’s A M A Z I N G !!! :star_struck:
Can I ask you how did you do the meteor (or fire I dont know well) in the back of the man ?

I like movies too and I don’t think that your thoughts are clichee :smiley: . In fact, I think you’re totally right about the character, he should point the flamethrower to the vehicle because he doesn’t know if there is a hostile person. And you’re right again with the van’s door, it should be open, because in “this world” all abandoned vehicles should have been visited. Thank you again for your interest and your accurate observations.

Hi, thank you very much Zacharie. For the fire and smoke simulation I only created a UV sphere and I made quick effect smoke. For the UV sphere I made it fire and smoke in the parameters and for the domain I played with the parameters (resolution division 100 and I checked noise) in the shader I played with the parameters too ( density 8 temperature 1000 for the big one and density 50 temperature 2000 for the smaller). I hope it helps. I watched tutorials to make it easily.

Looks good except the thin wire rack on the van doesn’t look strong enough to hold the weight of two complete wheels with tires hanging from it.

ok, thanks to answer !!! :smiley:

Hi C_Campbell, I’m afraid you’re right :sweat_smile: I haven’t seen it… thanks for your comment.

Glad if i helps !!!

Hi, I decided to share some of the items used in the scene. My references images were taken on the net, I decided to remake items that I found interesting for it. Thanks to their original creators.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much Bart !!! Have a great week-end too.

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