end of the world / jeep wrangler

hi, just did a case study on off-roaders as part of my course and was so fascinated by the wrangler that i had to blend it…so here is the model and a small scene which i think i will use as a dummy ad for the wrangler…

both the images have been rendered in blender internal, the first one is a straight forward stage render, while the second uses a simplistic terrain with a sky texture mapped on a tube object. the sun is a halo spotlight and the tree is done is arbaro…how would u rate this work? crits? comments??..there is a yafray render in the pipelines, will post it as soon as i get time for it…


WOW! how can you make a vehicle like that??
it’s amazing!

the jeep looks great but it could do with being better lit underneath, right now you can’t see the bumper or front tires well. The second picture could also be a little bit brighter but I guess it’s in the evening so that looks OK. Also the floor in the second image looks too simple, it could do with being allot rougher and less pointy. Other than that, great jeep model:D

I dont see any picture?


Like it very very much, mate! But like Smelz said, the ground looks too simple. Also move you souce of light a little, coz this is def-ly dusk and shades are going to be stretched . Also play a little with your camera engle…this is a brilliant car , show some more of it in the picture.

Oh, now i see. Looks nice. Maybe add some postpro with nodes to lessen sharpnes.

the jeep is amazing!!! the landscape… not so much, fixem!!

The jeep itself looks great, but sadly the scene you’ve done to it sucks. Reduces the quality of the jeep enormously.

You need some higher qualtiy textures and a bit more detailing o the ground, now it looks like you’ve just thrown the jeep on some end 90’s 3d shooter.

now tht everyone has said the same, i guess i need to redo the scene…its currently placement week on my campus, wo will get back to it after that…i am taking it off till then…i would still like to hear about the jeep model though, i believe its my best vehicle model and one of the cleanest meshes so far…tell me wht u think

as a minimum 2 minute fix, i would suggest adding an area light between the camera and the jeep, set to light up only the jeep layer. I will let us see the side of the jeep in the setting.

Great jeep. The rock shouldn’t be too hard to fix, just make it more high poly, and use the sculpting brush on it a bit. Also, the foreground looks kind of empty, a few blades of grass with some focal blur would add a nice feeling of depth.