End of the world thread: What are you doing?

Thought it would be fun to open an end of the world thread, and see what everyone here is doing in preparation or just to fulfill the days they have left…oh, whats that? The world isn’t going to end on Friday? WELL JUST PRETEND! Don’t ruin it for the children…cough

I will be finishing and uploading my final blender image; my blender guru Christmas comp entry :frowning: Might also rob a few banks etc…YOLO

(Clearly this is a bit of fun, the world is not going to end, please don’t sue me)

I’m gonna laugh.

Here is the conundrum: If the world is going to end, and you prophecy it to be true, there will be no fame or glory or reward if you were right. If you were wrong you are going to look very foolish.

If the world does end, and you had predicted that it would not happen, no one will ever know that you were wrong. I don’t see any consequences.

There is no buy or sell signal here. I think I am going to predict, with utmost confidence, that the world will definitely exist after 12/21/2012. :slight_smile: Actually I might go on and say that the world will still be here on 12/21/3012 and I dare anyone to prove me wrong! :slight_smile:

If you really plan on it being the end of the world:

  • Go out buy a sports car at the very top of your credit limit. Use your house as extra collateral on the loan. Write a bad check for the down payment.
  • Quit your job. Say all those things to your boss that you have been secretly feeling this whole time.
  • Stop paying your mortgage or rent.
  • Use your cell phone to download every app imaginable. Who cares about the bill or the airtime?
  • Kiss every attractive member of the opposite sex that you encounter, provided that their significant other is not bigger than you. (slaps on the face aren’t so bad, but who wants to ruin their last two days by being in the hospital)
  • Spend every minute you can with your loved ones, or if you have none just hole up in your room and watch old movies, while stuffing your face with candy and popcorn and slurping down super-size soft drinks.
  • Climb a mountain. (you’ve got two days) When you reach the top, find a nice cliff and jump off. (make sure you live stream your fall)


^^ hahaaa, that’s great :slight_smile:

Maybe the government is making up all these end dates to stimulate the economy (people rush out and buy random junk). XD ^^^Random conspiracy theory noone’s supposed to take seriously.^^^

What I could think of:

  • Overclock my computer to 6 Ghz from 2.8, it only has to last 2 days. (heh, my PentiumD may not even last that long, but I have another processor)
  • Eat alot of candy.
  • Cancel this c++ game I’m trying to build immediately(maybe a MMOG game isn’t the best first SFML project :{)

What I’m probably actually going to do:

  • Nothing… try to ignore it as best I can.
  • LOL at the stuff that shows up on TV (like a news program about someone wasting their time building a bunker… )
  • Try to figure out how to get data across this TCP connection, but hopefully I’ll be further along by then. :frowning:

And then when you find out you are wrong about the world ending… good luck :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll need it :wink:

I’d go and sit into a random math lecture at the university minutes before the end and enjoy eternity there, as those lectures seem to last forever :wink:

What time is the world supposed to end on the 21st? Will it be like Zelda Majoras Mask where at midnight the moon crashes into the planet? idk
I’m probably going to hack into a nuclear missile silo. Launch one at a country which will retaliate, then enjoy the end of the world through nuclear holocaust. The Mayans predicted me…

I’ve been asking for $100 donations and promising to prevent it.:evilgrin::eyebrowlift:

Offer a money back guarantee… …if the world ends, they get their money back XD.

Come on! Everybody knows now the long count was counting the day of implementation of hair in Cycles!

5125 years after we got hair in Cycles at last!!!

I…am going to read my bible.

better to confide in God’s word at this time. Because at this time, many lost men and women will worry about an apocalyptic event happening because they are lost. But as Christians, we have assurance that the world will not end on this friday.

Good idea. Thanks.:smiley:

Oh. You want to see the math, do you? (there’s no deadpan emoticon, so you’ll have to use your imagination)

The doomsday theorists may very well come up with a new theory so they can keep the end of the world stuff going in future years.

As for me, well, I don’t expect anything on terms of the world ending, more like just another day on the calender, though from what I’ve read here on the internet and in bathroom readers the theories range from unenlightened people being taken away on silver ships to people supposedly turning back into furry creatures or even Dragons. (the latter also being tied to reincarnation belief and possibly to the theory of a new spiritual age that some ancient texts claim will start on the 21st).

I also noticed meanwhile that the discovery channel and history channel here in the US are doing an entire week of doomsday shows that will end late afternoon on the 21st (which they will resume more normal programming if the world’s still here), there’s also been reports of archeologists reportedly planning to take a crystal skull to one of the Mayan temples (which could possibly lead to conspiracy theorists crediting its return for saving the world if it’s still here).

I do consider myself skeptical of all of the things written above though.

I’ll blend until the power is off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You hero! :slight_smile:

Get a generator, then blend on even further.
We’ll have a contest, last Blender-er standing wins :D.

I am going to have an early Christmas celebration with my friends before we all go our separate ways over the holidays. We’ll probably be watching the news and laugh at all the idiots who will break into stores and wreck havoc :slight_smile:

I am just watching the second hand tick around waiting to see if I get the experiance to see it all. However, I don’t think that I shall wind my alarm clock any more, you see, the anticipation is just driving me nuts! And I do so dislike waking up early in the morning. It is just not natural!