Ender's Game Null - G

I had this guy posted in WIP a while ago, and I’m shifting over to animating him.

I’m working on redoing the textures and creating a short animation. The glowey things on him are halo materials I’m experimenting with. I think it’d be cool effect if from far away in the scene you can’t see the person, just the halos, and as you get closer the body become more discernable.

Let me know what you think of the animation:

wow! the animation in this is really nice :slight_smile: i especially love when he kicks off the wall and does the extended back flip thing :stuck_out_tongue: the only crits i have animation wise are when he grabs the first box, there is a split second of instant slow down BEFORE he reachs the box, and secondly, on that same box, since it’s zero g the box should keep moving in the direction that it starts in after he swings off. In the animation it spins and moves, but then stops. keep up the good work, this is definetly some of the better animation i’ve seen on these forums

Short update, basically I just kept the box moving like Fish suggested. Animating a zero gravity environment is an interesting challenge, since, technically, there should be NO deceleration at all. This is because objects that are in motion stay in motion until something acts upon it.

Next thing I’ll probably work on is changing up the compostion. Creating better camera angles and transitions.

The first grab is really unnatural looking. I think its because the character is grabbing the front handle and the box rotates, but really it would just continue travelling in the same direction as the character. Maybe he should grab the handle on HIS left. This would make it look more natural, in my opinion.

when he jumps, he should travel in an arc, not a straight line.
and the accelerations need some work.
but, it’s a good start!

nice work on moving that box out of the way :slight_smile: i think the biggest problem right now is still when he grabs onto the first box, and the handle that he is grabbing, is to his right ever so slightly, but he spins left (i’m speaking from his perspective) so that looks unnatural. He should grab the handle to his left (i think that would look right) Also i agree with what stevecameron said, but instead of him just continuing straight with the box, the box should spin and continue slowly with him in the original direction but slower (his inertia transferred to the box would decrease the speed) and he’d spin by pulling the box (the same why that he would have to in real zero g i think) and then the box would go off in a different direction than it is right now, more along the lines of his original course, while he spins around like he does now. I’m using an unnecesary of words to try and convey what i mean. If you don’t understand what i’m saying i can try and draw it out. Also don’t take anything i take too seriously, i’m no master animator, only throwing in my two cents.

thx. great
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Thank you all for the great comments.

I discussed with my professor the problems, and here is a few things we came up with:

Essentially there is no acceleration or deceleration in a vacuum, so most of Ender’s flights will have to be changed to have a more consistent speed.

The illusion of the stars’ mass needs to be more consistent. It doesn’t make any sense that the first star doesn’t move when Ender makes contact with it, and then flies off when Ender lets go. I am going to change it so it budges noticeably when Ender grabs the handle, and then keep that consistent speed after he releases. And yes, you guys were right, he will definitely be grabbing the outside handle, not the front one.

Also, right at his launch into the room, I need to change his push off. Right now it looks like he should be launching up and out, rather than straight forward.

Sorry I don’t have an updated animation for you folks, but expect one soonish.

woo! :smiley: glad to see you didn’t abandon it

Ok, finally an update!

I worked on fixing the slow down when Ender approaches the null star. He now grabs the outside handle, and I tried to make the physics of it all more believable.